Our Mission

we are aiming to change the landscape for Healthcare not only in India but eventually also across the world.

Our Core Vision

We will deploy a host of tools to help our Doctors become better aware of their leadership personalities and styles.

Our Future Goal

Reachh is investing heavily into Industrial and Rural healthcare as its future growth strategy.

Reach Healthcare

Welcome To ReachH

ReachH Healthcare Services is a revolutionary healthcare startup aiming to change the landscape for Primary Healthcare in India and eventually across the world. At ReachH we strive towards increasing accessibility to healthcare services through a Total and Pre-emptive Wellbeing approach by integrating technology wherever possible.


Reach Healthcare

What Do We Do?

We are a comprehensive health-care service company aiming to provide a complete healing solution in Primary healthcare to every human on this planet.

Right from the best in the class Doctor Consultation, to providing the accurate medication at the doorstep of the patient, encapsulates the big value proposition which differentiates Reachh Healthcare from the rest.

We are harnessing the power of alternate medicine to ensure that you are in safe and reliable hands. The marvel cure with all natural medicine ensures that u are free from the excruciating side-effects, making the recovery genuine.

Reach Healthcare

How Do We Do?

A team of highly experienced professionals from varied Industrial segments have converged due to their passion for Healthcare and Healing thru alternate medicine methodology. This has enabled the Rainbow effect with a solution which is so very effective and leverages the most modern systemic methodology to deliver a Comprehensive Primary Healthcare solution at the doorstep of the needy.

While developing the methodology for this comprehensive experiential approach, good practices from a cross section of the industry segments (Automobiles, IT, Core Healthcare…)


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Reach Healthcare

Why Should You Choose Us?

Accessing and availing quality Primary Healthcare is one of the biggest challenges one faces be it in cities or be it in remote areas of the country. Reachh is the only comprehensive solution provider which is enabling the end to end treatment from the comfort of one’s home. Enabling, Tracking and Ensuring the health is so very unique that it has the huge universal demand.

We at Reachh have fathomed this code to bring to you the best which will not only address your present health concerns comprehensively but also make Reachh your all time companion due to the ease of availing the opportunity…


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Telemedicine is tahe use of electronic information to communicate technologies to provide and support healthcare when distance separates the participants.