Reach Healthcare

What we do?

We establish a container clinic at your place. A team of doctor visits the clinic and consults all the patients and medical records for all the patients are created. Subsequent consultations are carried thru telemedicine.

The doctors keep visiting the clinic for in-person consultations periodically.

Reach Healthcare

Why you should choose ?

We understand how crucial your employs health is for your business. Even minor of the health issues can have serious implications on your business if they go un-noticed. We have pioneered health-centric approach to people management for business growth and profitability. Our container clinic, trained healthcare worker, team of doctors look after the primary healthcare needs of your employs.

Reach Healthcare

Our Experience

We setup a container clinic for a business owner at a remote location in Tamil Nadu.

We did 1000+ consultations for 300 patients over a period of 10 months.

The business owner was surprised to see how many health issues of his employs were going un-noticed and the kind of implication.