How Do We Do?

A team of highly experienced professionals from varied Industrial segments have converged due to their passion for Healthcare and Healing thru alternate medicine methodology. This has enabled the Rainbow effect with a solution which is so very effective and leverages the most modern systemic methodology to deliver a Comprehensive Primary Healthcare solution at the doorstep of the needy.

While developing the methodology for this comprehensive experiential approach, good practices from a cross-section of the industry segments (Automobiles, IT, Core Healthcare…) have been induced. The methodology is all-encompassing, robust, pressure tested and hugely scalable.

In broad terms the overall experience of the user is showcased in the following steps;


A robust IT platform enables to you Reachh the doctor from anywhere at anytime.


The scheduling, IT backbone and the back-end resource availability ensures that the Doctor consultation experience is the highlight which enables the best of investigation and thereby the potent treatment methodology.




Once the precise diagnosis and the resultant prescription is generated, the robust back-end system led by the experienced pharmacists, rightly stocked medicine inventory and thru our partner delivery network enables the medicine delivery at your doorstep within stipulated time frame.


The system intervention kicks-in with message prompts to ensure the medicine intake discipline is ensured which is so very critical in the Healing process. Once the healing is achieved the patient has the option to close the treatment with a feedback. The system will trigger the doctor’s intervention based on the interim inputs received which will be also triggered at the beginning of the healing process. This discretion is with the consulting doctor on a case to case basis.

Delivery Drivers

Reachh Healthcare Academy

Every Reachh employee undergoes the exposure at Reachh Healthcare academy. At Reachh we firmly believe that everyone needs to have the requisite inputs to be able to exhibit a great sense of ownership towards every element of the activity one is involved with. Reachh Leadership Blueprint is our common point of reference, and it knits the four key dimensions i.e. Inspire Transformation, Enhance Ownership, Amplify Team Potential and Unleash the Impact of the deliverers.


Our strong network of organization owned-operated state of art healthcare facilities and affiliated healthcare worker enable us to deliver our promise seamlessly. This will be in phases and based on the plans, will be an ever expanding footprint scope due to the sheer power of the scalability of the business model we have built.